Here’s what the SAFTAs13 winners had to say…

Simon Bruinders (Lifetime Achievement Award)
“Years ago, when there were no universities and technikons to help us, I started dreaming and I didn’t know I would get a lifetime achievement award, neither did I know I would play parts where I would die six times to get this award.”

Layla Swart (Youth Achiever Award)
“I’d like to dedicate this award to the youth of South Africa who are fearlessly making their mark and paving the way for the film industry. It’s an honour to walk among you.”

Lorcia Cooper (Best Supporting Actress)
“I’ve been humbled and privileged that wherever I go, I interact with many South Africans who appreciate the character of Tyson. I’ve learnt that Tyson resonates with all South Africans. It is my hope that going forward, there’ll be many opportunities for coloured performers to play roles from across the spectrum regardless of race.”

Jamie Bartlett (Best Actor In A TV Soap)
“Most importantly, I’d like to thank the actors who arrive onto the sets that I work in, tremendously well prepared and present in the moment to parry and defend character in television.”

Kgomotso Christopher (Best Actress in A TV Soap)
“I’m grateful to my husband Calvin for making us come back to South Africa because you understood that I had to be a celebrated South African artist first.”


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