DICK OR DATE? is a dramatic comedy that takes you on a love journey with three close but very different friends: Nelly (a hopeless romantic and social media fanatic), Ashley (a privileged young lady who exclusively dates white men) and Maggie, real name, Magogodi (a sex-obsessed serial dater who doesn’t believe in love).
DICK OR DATE explores the difficulties of dating in the 21st century. Where does a girl go to find her “perfect man” in this instant world of hookups and how does one “put themselves out there” without looking too desperate? What would happen if women used all the platforms they had available to them today, to date as extensively as they wanted to without judgement? How does one find love organically in 2019 when it’s readily available online? These are some of the themes that the play explores through the whirlwind of the dating world, having to make a choice whether to just dick or date.

The play is performed by Lillian Tshabalala, Kitty Moepang and MoMo Matsunyane and is written by Lillian Tshabalala and MoMo Matsunyane. It is produced by MoMo Matsunyane Productions. Catch Dick or Date at the Popart Theatre, showing till the 24thFeb.20:00pm  (22nd -23rd) – 15:30 (24th).

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