The Actor Learning Journey – An Outline | RESPONSIBILITY|by Camilla Waldman



The power to act

To respond means to act in accordance with an intensified pledge’

Powerful action; being adventurous and skilled

There are no secrets, whatever your goal; you can get there if you’re willing to take action. Commitment and action are the current and without you, it doesn’t happen.

  • Engaging the actor in the medium of work – ‘being prepared’
  • Building muscle and endurance
  • Harnessing craft skills, engaging our discipline and the learning of lines 
  • Focus and “public solitude” (Stanislavski) – the ability to be present and focussed and ‘brave to be seen’- with oneself and others at the same time
  • Exercising communication skills – listening and responding. Paying attention to the grammar of the character’s words or the poetry text – the syntax and rhythm, questions; breaks in thought; working with your breath and the value of vocal warm-ups
  • Collaborating with others; making offers; receiving proposals and direction, managing negative feedback, working in ensemble
  • Taking responsibility for learning; time-management and organising work flow. The business of being an actor; having an agency; joining SAGA – The South African Guild of Actors; bank account and clarity on your taxation requirements; identity documents

– With self
– With people we are working and collaborating with
– With character
– With audience

Craft maximises talent

Robert McKee Story


Telling stories that reach people and engage audiences

I believe it is Harrison Ford who said,
It’s not that I need to connect with my characters.
I need to make the audience connect with this character; I as the actor guide that process.”

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