The Actor Learning Journey – An Outline | ORIGINALITY|by Camilla Waldman



The power of our personal stories, imagination and unique perceptions – there’s no richness in generalising. Make research and read the texts carefully, look for the detail. The actor needs to imagine in detail – clarity in action – this connects you to the character’s world and the landscapes of the story. That’s how we as the audience are inspired to ‘see’ for ourselves. We may not ‘see’ exactly what the character sees – yet we are inspired to fill in with our own resonance and imagining. I think this the amazing part of performance – its’ ability to transport you as an audience.

  • Grounding and deep breath; rooting that the actor can travel in character
  • Mother-tongue and natural voice
  • Finding vision that inspires and motivates
  • The actor’s interpretative ability – making choices about your character
  • Reading and research inspires imagination, grows conviction in imagined worlds and strengthens our words
  • Honouring other people’s origin and originality


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