The Actor Learning Journey – An Outline |GROWING THE CORE |by Camilla Waldman




  • Belief in self; ‘finding brave’ as Kate Caprino describes this commitment to self; making creative choices; believing in yourself; giving your work lots of energy and care, committing intensely
  • Building belief in the character and the character’s world of story

Acting is believing” (Charles McGaw)

You have to have something to believe in. Have you ever been in a similar situation to the one your character is in? Could you imagine one? An actor exercises empathy; stepping into another person’s shoes – without judgement.

It is my belief that the actor has to mine into the character’s world, getting beneath the layers till they find why this person does as they do. Negative intentions have no depth of field and point the audience in one direction.

And I think we can say – no one does anything without a reason – however incomprehensible their actions may seem at first.

Acting is believing” (Charles McGaw)

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