The Actor Learning Journey – An Outline by Camilla Waldman



Thank-you firstly to Actor Spaces for creating platforms that we may communicate and share knowledge and understanding.

I introduce myself as an actor, a teacher and a performance coach. My work with actor-training and coaching has developed from my own process as an actor. I can claim no originality of thought – this is indeed a gathering of my own learning, much of it intuited from exercises, methodologies and philosophies met along the way – balancing on the shoulders of many teachers, academics, fellow-actors, dancers and directors. My understanding and application as a teacher is growing and as I try to name and understand this craft of acting – so that I can communicate with other actors – the knowledge is passed on and re-invented as we go.

While many of my sources and references belong to the world, I feel it important to say that this is a South African writing. My own origins are scattered, a mixture of cultures and ancestry, and I have learnt almost all of what I share, growing in this soil, with South African teachers, actors, dancers, students and directors, poets, playwrights and creatives.

Through-out this journey of being an actor, grounding and being present – rooting like the tree to the earth beneath your feet, and reaching skywards, spine strong and flexible – is a cornerstone of being an actor. Your breath is central and what a wonderful resource for the actor. To breathe deep we must be rooted – physically, with heart, and mind, and spirit. Origin, mother-tongue, histories, memories, perceptions, and imagination – are what make each actor unique. It is at the core.

The series will cover the following every Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  1. Growing the CORE:
  5. The Physical Journey:
  6. The Vocal Sequences:
  7. Imaginative Work:
  8. Building Character:


Telling stories that reach people and engage audiences

I believe it is Harrison Ford who said,
It’s not that I need to connect with my characters.
I need to make the audience connect with this character; I as the actor guide that process.”

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