Snapshot Mobile Cinema is inviting young and aspirant filmmakers to submit story ideas for a five to seven-minute film that covers a social topic relevant to the youth of South Africa for the Raw festival in March 2018.  The Raw Film Festival offers a unique opportunity to create a short, socially relevant film under the mentorship of Cape Town’s most successful film, commercial and documentary directors and producers.

Snapshot Mobile Cinema is challenging young people to face the socially relevant issues in their community that they’re passionate about: “We’re looking for ideas/stories for short, powerful films that cover the value of education, the power of perseverance, sport as a gateway to success and health, safe sex, gender issues or LGBT, gangs and crime or the damage caused by drugs and alcohol. What subject do you want to explore? What story do you want to tell?”

All six final produced films will be screened by Snapshot Mobile Cinema in Cape Town townships and in the city. Films will also be shown online on the RAW Film Festival portal, as well as the Snapshot Mobile Cinema portal. Films may also be screened in other cities and at other festivals.

If you’re interested in entering the RAW festival and competition please download the Call For Entries PDF. Read it carefully, you’ll find full details there. 

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