Scandal’s new demon, Damon

damon bradbury
By George Moya |

Hot etv drama series Scandal reveals its new demon: Damon Bradbury,a mysterious character taken on by profound actor Craig Urbani, who is no stranger to the etv screen.

Damon is another successful and influential businessman dripping charisma and charm.The perfect man with no sense of belonging, just a constant need for approval. We all long for a sense of belonging and approval, weather by family or society but for Damon, this marks the beginning of a chapter of risk taking and regret.

“Rules are meant to be bent”, is the motto that justifies all the indiscretions of his past.

Will Damon’s past catch up with him as he seeks out his sister, who is shocked to discover he even exists? Will he continue with his twisted ways in the world of Scandal ?

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